Wood sculptures: I work with wood design, leveraging my skills as a textile designer. I am fascinated by the materiality of wood: the smell, the warmth, the tactile elements that beg to be touched. I am captivated by the life of wood—its lived life, and the life sparked after the tree is felled. When I work the wood, I explore the tree’s life history. A life that can be traced in insect attacks, deformations, or extreme weather conditions such as drought or storms. And after all that, the patina that blooms after the felling and during the drying process at the sawmills.

I want to linger on the marks stored up during our lives, forming the stories of who we are—whether tree or human being. Ultimately, I want to cultivate relationships between humans and nature by centering our most-used natural materials—the ones we cannot live without, and which therefore deserve our full attention.

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