Exhibition OAK TREE 2018

designer Tina Astrup put oak at the centre of playful experimentation. In Officinet, she presents golden, bluish-black and dark-brown tones, teased out of the wood using metal thread and time as her tools. Colour mixes with a variety of compositions tell a poetic visual story.

Exhibition OAK TREE 2018

In the woods, trees grow slowly, making annular rings and new branches that mark the passing of time. When harvested, their trunks are stacked to dry. The cut ends weather and create the circular patterns of dark disks familiar to us on woodland walks. The wood industry discards these ends, but Tina Astrup collects them and takes their history into her designs.

Exhibition Table for two 2017

Aarhus Town Hall on the occasion of the European City of Culture in 2017.The exhibition was organized by Danish craftsman and designer.

Furniture 2016

By wrapping metal thread around oak tree and pouring vinegar over it, Tina Astrup draws either fuzzy or crisp lines in the wood, using a chemical reaction.

Furniture 2010

In her 2010 line of furniture, made from discarded transportation plywood, the decoration of the furniture was determined by the journey of the wood across the globe, from dock to dock. Through the industrial blue-stamp lettering, the furniture revealed its travel history.

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