Oak dyed with vinegar and steel wire

Oak 1
Oak 2
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At the moment, I am fascinated by the patina that oak tree gets from lying outside. Oak tree contains a lot of tannins, which make it turn black when lying outside for a longer period of time. When in contact with steel, the wood turns even more black. By adding vinegar and steel to oak tree, the same chemical process happens – but a lot faster.

The contrast between the warm color of oak tree and the black patina, creates an interesting surface, a surface that I simply can’t let go of. This is why I have started experimenting wrapping steel wire around oak tree planks and pouring vinegar on it – by doing so I have experienced funny and unpredictable patterns. I use these patterned oak tree planks for making tables and benches. 

I have a BA in textile design and an MA in room and furniture design from The Danish Design School.

Wooden packaging

Wooden packaging is used for wrapping up wooden boards, when they are shipped to Denmark from e.g. Brazil and Russia. The boards are imprinted with information such as their origin, what they contain and other technical information.

Each piece of furniture is unique. An effort is put into keeping the graphic imprint and the raw structure of the wood in the boards.

Wooden Packaging 1
Wooden Packaging 2
Wooden Packaging 3
Wooden Packaging 4
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